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St Lukes Episcopal Hospital, Texas Medical CenterSt. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, has a tradition of excellence and compassion in caring for the Houston community that spans more than four decades. It was founded by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in 1954 with a mission to advance the medical profession and deliver high-quality patient care. In 1962, St. Luke’s became home to the Texas Heart¿ Institute (THI), site of the nation’s first successful human heart transplant in 1968.

In 1997 St. Luke’s launched St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System to deliver comprehensive, convenient healthcare throughout the city. Its primary and specialized healthcare services reach residents in neighborhoods all over the Houston area, including those in underserved and low-income areas. St. Luke’s also treats high-risk patients from across the United States and &am more than 80 different countries around the world.

Providing Specialty Care – St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital has built its reputation on compassionate, comprehensive, and groundbreaking medical care. One of the nation’s premiere teaching and research hospitals, each year St. Luke’s cares for approximately 30,000 adult inpatients, 184,000 outpatients, 2,400 newborns, and 2,000 home health patients.

St. Luke’s has a network of 1,800 community-based physicians and world-renowned specialists. More than 60 percent of the hospital’s active medical staff hold teaching positions at Baylor College of Medicine, The University of Texas – Houston Medical School, or the Texas Heart Institute. The hospital’s staff includes 3,900 nurses and other employees, as well as 500 volunteers.

But the number of caregivers at St. Luke’s does not tell the full story of its commitment to patient care. Every caregiver believes that true healing involves the mind, body and spirit, and this belief is reflected in the St. Luke’s credo: “We don’t just treat patients, we treat people.”

Patients further benefit from St. Luke’s research and education partnership with the Texas Heart Institute. Pioneering research programs at THI have consistently proven there is high-tech hope for the limitations and defects of the human body. Invaluable heart-assist devices (mechanical pumps that aid failing hearts), artificial grafts, and valves have been developed and tested at THI. New surgical techniques, drug treatments, and diagnostic techniques are being refined daily as well. Last year THI hasted the first open-heart surgery simulcast on the Internet and cable television.

Following in the spirit of THI’s excellence, St. Luke’s recently founded the Texas Liver Institute, home to world-renowned specialists in all aspects of liver care, ranging in scope from diseases such as hepatitis C to liver transplantation; and the Texas Cancer Institute, a source for cutting edge research and technology in prostate, breast, lung, colorectal, melanoma, and other cancers. St. Luke’s also boasts experienced, world-class specialists in orthopaedics, urology, high-risk obstetrics, radiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, neuroscience, otolaryngology, and pathology.


Providing High-Quality and Convenient Care – St. Luke’s Health Network

Neighborhood health centers enable St. Luke's Episcopal Health System to extend its healing touch into the community. The Health System is committed to the high-quality and compassionate care associated with St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital and to serving as a community resource.

In addition to primary healthcare, St. Luke’s four health centers offer a wide variety of medical specialties. St. Luke’s Health Center – Holcombe treats the unique needs of seniors, while the other three – located at St. Felipe, Braeswood, and Alden Bridge – focus on family care from childhood to senior years and stay open Saturdays for patient visits. Another center in Silver Lake is scheduled to open in early 2000.


Doing Well by Doing Good – St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities (SLEHC), a philanthropic component of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, targets the short- and long-term health needs of the indigent and medically underserved. Since its inception in 1997, SLEHC has awarded more than $25 million in grants to organizations in the 57-county Diocese of Texas, making it Houston’s largest health-focused charity in terms of annual gift distribution. To submit grant applications or to make donations, call (713) 791-3137.


Contacting St. Luke’s

To obtain information about our physicians, executive physicals, or other services, call St. Luke’s Physician Referral Department at (713) 794-6000 or (800) 872-9355. Visit our web site at www.sleh.corn . For more information on the Texas Heart Institute, call (713) 791-4011 or visit its web site at

 Highlights of St. Luke's Episcopal Health System 

St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital is the anchor of the system

St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities (SLEHC), a grant-making body of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System, provides grants to meet the health needs of the indigent and underserved.

St. Luke’s Health Network includes 1,300 affiliate and associate physicians throughout Houston, as well as the St. Luke’s Health Centers.


 A Leader in Quality and Experience 

National Ranking – For nine years in a row, the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s has been ranked by U.S. ck World Report as one of the nation’s top ten centers for cardiology and heart surgery – and #1 in the Southwest.

Recognized for Excellence – At its last review by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, St. Luke’s was recognized as “an overwhelmingly excellent hospital.” St. Luke’s also received the “1998 Houston Award for Excellence,” sponsored by the Better Business Bureau Education Foundation, the University of Houston College of Business, and the Houston Business Journal. St. Luke’s was the only Houston-area hospital to receive this honor.

Cardiovascular Care – St. Luke’s has the largest and most fully equipped cardiac catheterization lab in the world. More than 10,500 diagnostic and interventional procedures are performed in the lab every year. It is also building 10 new state-of-the-art cardiovascular operating rooms.

Obstetrics – Recognized as one of only 30 referral centers for high-risk obstetric patients in the country, St. Luke’s annually cares for more than 2,500 women, specializing in maintaining a women’s pregnancy to its full term. In December 1998, St. Luke’s was the site of the birth of the world’s first surviving octuplets.

Managed Care – St. Luke’s is affiliated with more than 85 percent of managed care plans in the Houston area.

Wellness Programs – Life Touch’" is a unique wellness program that assists companies in identifying and reducing the health risks of their employees through innovative programs and services. As a result, health care costs are lowered, while productivity and employee morale are improved. For information, call LifeTouch at (713) 791-8680.


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